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Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU)

The Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), or the Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany, has more than 600,000 members and sponsors throughout Germany and is run almost exclusively by unpaid volunteers in all the Federal States with around 2,000 groups at various levels. The NABU has been recognized by the German state as an association that works towards the protection of nature and the environment and thus acts as a public interest party, and hence must be heard in matters concerning disruptions of nature. The NABU looks after many conservation areas between the Alps and the North Sea.

NABU-Kreisverband Borken e. V.
The NABU-Kreisverband Borken e. V. was founded in 1976 and currently has 1700 members (as of November 2021). It coordinates the work of groups locally. Its unpaid volunteer members concern themselves with nature conservation right in front of their homes.

We have a voice!
We have discussions with official bodies, companies and other institutions, and we make applications and draw up statements for the Untere Naturschutzbehörde, or lower-level officials involved in nature conservation. We are active in many work groups and supra-regional NABU committees. To an increasing extent we are in contact with local politicians, but also with political activists at the State and national level.

We are concerned about the conservation of species

  • The construction and monitoring of nesting aids for birds (especially for little owls, barn owls and peregrine falcons)
  • Mapping of nesting birds
  • Transfer of data for scientific purposes
  • Recording and protection of our domestic varieties of bats. Creating new places for them for colonies and overwintering
  • Monitoring of spawning waters and preserving and improving the habitats of amphibians and reptiles
  • Observation and protection of butterflies, grasshoppers, wild bees and other insects. Participation in the monitoring of butterflies for Germany
  • Participation in the meadows project “Life in bloom – more variety of species for the Borken region”

We look after our cultural landscape
We live in a cultural landscape that has developed over hundreds of years. We care for habitats of this kind that plants and animals have adapted to:

  • Augmenting hedgerows
  • Maintenance of pollarded trees
  • Care of ponds and other bodies of water
  • Keeping railway embankment areas open

Our voluntary work assignments regularly go across borders as well, i.e. we work together with our neighbours in the Netherlands and friends on both sides of the border.

We provide information through

  • presentations, lectures, seminars, exhibitions
  • excursions and nature study trips
  • presenting our work every two years
  • regular publications

We encourage children and young people to be part of the youth section of NABU (NAJU).
Working in small groups, children and young people learn in a manner that is just like play to recognize animals and plants and how to protect them.

The NABU-Kreisverband Borken e. V. includes local groups in the administrative communities of the Borken region. There is sure to be a group near you as well. Just click on the group that you wish to learn more about.

Support the NABU-Kreisverband Borken and take an active part
If we are to leave a natural and beautiful world to our children and grandchildren, it will take a great many people who will take part in the conservation of nature right in their own backyard: whether through active cooperation, or as a member of NABU, or by making a donation. Here you can find out how you can make a contribution to the NABU:

Become a member.
You can also donate a membership to somebody!

If you wish to make a donation, and we will be very happy if you do, then these are our account details:

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